We are looking for a postdoc fellow to work on the CMS experiment and R&D for EIC detectors. Interested candidates should contact Prof. Li by emai. 

Strong candidates are encouraged to apply to the Rice Academy of Fellow (RAF) Program. Competition for 2022 RAF will open in December, 2021. The RAF is a university-wide postdoctoral program to support exceptional scholars to pursue independent research in collaboration with Rice faculty. Please contact me by email if interested.


Graduate Students

Graduate RA positions are available for the Fall 2022 class. If you are interested, please follow the application procedure at http://www.physics.rice.edu/Content.aspx?id=58. Make sure you indicate your primary area of interest is nuclear and particle physics, and mention my name in your application materials. If you are already admitted to Rice, feel free to contact Prof. Li by email.


Undergraduate Students

Various projects in nuclear particle physics, accelerator physics, quantum computing and simulation are available for highly motivated undergraduate students at Rice University at all levels. Some basic knowledge in modern physics and programming language (C++, python) is desirable but not required. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Li by email.